SUP Multiplayer Racing App Reviews

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I like!

Its good entertainer for sure




I made a club it took my coins but didn't make the club WTH

Pretty fun

Only been playing for a couple days and it passes the time but it has froze up a couple times but other than that it's ok

Bad update

Awesome game, crappy update. Now my game glitches on everything that I do, it used to only be on the videos that double the reward or speed up the upgrades. Even the adds in the game glitch now, I'll gladly put a 5 star review once fixed! Time to fix the game guys, everything is wrong with it now, updates not working

Fun racer

Good racing game. Online makes it fun racing people around the world


I paid $9.99 for 700,000 coins and I haven't received them!! They should have been automatically credited to my account as soon as I paid. I want my 700,000 coins or my $9.99 back!

Good game

Not a bad time waster, if you like upgrading style play.


Da game is race car kine mean fun kine shootz fun play with all kine games kine

Fun game to play

Really like this game


Great game and very addicting

I'm loving it.. irresistible



Download it now!


Cool af

Amazing game

Very fun and addicting. If you like to have fun, you would like this

Good game

It's a fun game kills time.

Thumbs up



Cool game

Very Entertaining

I'm sure the title is self explanatory.

Exciting race multiplayer game.

Def got me hooked :D.

Fix some bugs and it's great

Played everyday for 3 months straight. Really enjoy it, just need to fix some bugs that, while hasn't affected my gameplay, just home screen and chat issues.


I play as much as possible it's fun competitive and not expensive it's free

I love it!

This is one of the most fun racing games I've ever played. I do wish every character had their own unique special move instead of multiple characters sharing the same one, but it's whatever. Also, I don't know if it's my phone or a glitch but sometimes the game makes me turn when I clearly did not press the button. Like I could be driving in a straight line for a good while and all of a sudden I change lanes for no reason. It's especially annoying when it causes me to drive off the track or lose my lead. Please look into it. I'm not sure if anyone else experiences this. Thank you for a fun game though!

Pure fun

Great game. Very fun to play.




Needed something to play and this is it

So cool



Good and very fun game, some times my Boost get token from me tho 🤷🏼‍♂️

Love it!

Game is too much fun, man. The only downfall with it is the same downfall as with any mobile game...micro transactions. Otherwise GREAT game!

Update Fails

I love playing this game, however with the new update, the amount of ads that plays to upgrade/double anything/or get something faster is insane. The -1 hour was ok but now that I have to burn twice as much battery playing twice as much ads, makes me not want to play anymore. Please get back to less ads or -1 hour times. Before I would rate a 4.5 star but now only a 2 star.

Great game still has issues but I think they can fix them

Sometimes crashes. Why do I get first place half of my races yet still feel like I'm not progressing? Please put the adds back to -1hr per chest or more. Thank you

It's cool

It's cool I've been stuck on it since I've down loaded it.

Terrific Game

I love this game with a passion


Wow! Easy and fun! Can't put it down!

Really fun

This game is really fun!!!


Good stuff

Love it

The gamr is addicting and really easy to play. The UI is simple. The only problem i noticed is that sometimes while racing the music and sound effects crash. And i have a 7. I cant believe that i found a game like this on facebook lol.

Fun game

Must get


Lots of fun. Lots of upgrades.

App review

Very fun game.

good game

10/10 would play

Talking about the rewards &the eco coins for donations

So let me get this how come y’all took the advantage to make only 3 evo coins for my he donations to our club member I didn’t like that when I did this new update.Yall need to fix it and please put the unlimited evo coins back because I don’t like sending donations.The second problem I have now is it really necessary to take the 1 hour away to decrease the time for our rewards boxes like the blue purple green orange and including the cars!I like how it was it was much faster and wouldn’t have to waste so much time on just getting your rewards but come on 30 minutes is what y’all put to take for the rewards now not even fair!!This game for me was a 5 star but now I give it a 3 until y’all fix it!!I recommend y’all to fix please thank you!!!!But other than that everything is good!!!



Crashing on and off track sucked

Game was fun but the constant crashing and being unable to see what is going on, took care of the fun part.


Love the game it's fun

Fun game

It's a fun little game. Took a few to get the hang of things, but hey, I'm old! Lol

Great game



I love it

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