SUP Multiplayer Racing App Reviews

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Fun times

Very fun game to pass the time.

This game is trash

After every race there’s a 30 second add just to get your reward, don’t download its just a scam.

Good game

Very well put together I love it

Best game ever

Love it

Great game

Great game. Can’t wait for updates.

Great buggy game

Great game. Highly addictive as the races are short, you get to destroy opponents, and losing just makes you want to jump in and race again. I was lucky enough to get into a great club and we share our resources freely. This game is full of bugs however. It had become a comedy of errors. Every time they fix one, another pops up. Play this game, but if too many bugs make you mad, move on to something else.


I was like #30 global when you could win I don’t remember the event also SUP awesome game well done good stuff yay

Pretty nice

It has been pretty epic, but (proven by anger,) it’s limited fuel aspect is bad. Please change!


Súper adicional gotta get this game!

Good game-except for this

For my personal opinion, this is a pretty good game. It’s fun and all, but this game has a LOT of Ads! Just a heads up for the people who are looking into buying this. It’s a fun game, just a lot of Ads.

Adds are bs

They have stupid tiny little close out buttons it opened a game I didn’t want 19 times just trying to close the add. Mind you I am seriously holding my foul language

Good game

Downloaded the game a few months ago and finally decided to play it a few days ago. It’s an easy game to learn fun and fast paced. Just a lot of ads

Jeffrey’s review

It is a very good game. And their graphic is okay even though I have a rough time winning. I like your cars and they look very cool


Great game.

To good

It’s just to good


The game is a perfect racing game to have lots and lots of fun and I love it so much!!

Level 9 & no cars.

I’m level 9 & tried my best to get better cars but you have to pay. The only way to get new cars is to get them through chests & I’m outranked every single match. The correlation is a nuisance in the game. As a gamer this is actually annoying. On the plus side the game itself is very fun & addicting....

Awesome 1 issue

I love this game I play it every day, but I wish it was bigger and had more track area and you could customize your character in game great game keep it up and see you next time


Games pretty fun

Good game

Yes the game is good it fun but my account I get access it I had good car and yeah can so fix it please

Great concept, horrible execution

First and foremost, this IS NOT ONLINE MULTIPLAYER, it IS AI BOTS. I know this 1. Because you can literally do races without your WiFi on and 2. because you can exit the game and come back and the race just paused and you can finish, also because I have seen the same username multiple times, and lastly, how they spam random emojis while driving that don’t match what they’re doing lol. This game is just a LOW EFFORT, huge CASH GRAB littered with ads and “buy this”. It is sad because it is actually a cool concept but this company put no effort into it just wanting cash. I hope that a different company will make a REAL game out of this one day.

My screen says join a club after update

Game says join a club after update I go and check my club before update and it says I’m still a member needing a little help here

I’m a beast

Hi I’m a beast

I want my money back

I love the game but when I tried to create a club it took $200,000 in game dollars because I hit create club eight times and it still wouldn’t work

Love it.......but still has problems

I can’t wait for the new patch, especially because when I used to do events I used to get first place all the time and win the prize, so after I won my first 200,000 coins I new it was a glitch because I only had 50 ribbons; but now i can’t wait to see what’s in the new update


I’ve created a clan/crew twice now and it keeps disappearing like I was kicked or never joined however it was my clan and I was the only one in it! Please fix


It’s a fun game


Great game to play in spare time

Too much ads

Y’all need to chill with the ads do you guys even care about the gaming experience people have with these game theirs an ad after every game I play 1 ad every 3 races wouldn’t hurt but one after every race is just to much



Could be better

Game is cool and would be fun but theres an Advertisement after every race, an advertisement for every free chest and an ad if you want to upgrade your car. Way to many ads.

Best car multiplayer ever few problems

This game technically is the best when driving you change lanes and use nitro and give emotes and all but there’s one problem you have to level up to get specific cars once you reach a high level it will be harder to move on and get better cars you also have to pay real money to get cars or boxes with prizes.


Like it

To many ads but still a fun game

Coming from a 12 year old, i think the game is pretty cool, stunning graphics, good gameplay, a good game as a whole. It’s a great time passer but the only thing that makes me not give it a 5 star rating is the ads. I most of the people that have played the game can agree with me that every ad is forced and there is no way out of it. Bibi please fix this


This game is like the best racing game I’ve seen in my life!!!!!!


And fun

The best game

It is the best game ever when I got it I played it for so long each day it is so good.

I am hooked👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

This game is awesome but there’s unreal problem so why you have to watch a vid to get a prize you earned for the race


I love this game! I have only been playing for two days.but also I have a bug every time I always open a Chest and it never gives me coins.

It good

It good


This is the worst game I ever played

Ads are killing the game!

I never write reviews, but I had to for this game. The game is a really good game, but I can’t see myself keep playing with the amount of ads it currently has. There literally is an ad after every race, and it’s unbearable.


Download fun


Did the put motorcycles in the game? I seen one today


If you like spending at least 30 dollars on random games then you might get first a couple of times on this game but then you will lose, everyone that likes this game likes it because they have been paying a lot of money for a long time, this game is the most severe case of a pay to win game, it limits how much you can play unless you pay money or you can watch a video to play the game a little more but only one more round, even if it didn’t limit how much you can play the game it doesn’t change the fact that it’s trash. I personally don’t like extreme pay to win games but sometimes I like less extreme pay to win games. Not only that but it’s pretty boring if you do win a bunch because then you realized that you spent a bunch of money for driving a car and that your doing the same things over and over again.


This is the best game ever it has a whole bunch different cars and they all have different speeds in power is just such a great game


Omg best game ever

Juego buenísimo

Me encanta mucho

SUP racing

Just like so many other reviews stated this game is fun to play but you are endlessly bombarded with ads between every single time you attempt to play. I understand the need for ads to help pay for the game but this is ridiculous.

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