SUP Multiplayer Racing App Reviews

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Great one bad thing

I love this game and I love cars but what really upsets me the most is its glitchy but I guess you would say it’s your phone but I do want more stuff into the game like a mega race, a 1on1, or those things where you can tag anyone to ask you, “Hey do you want to be my friend?”


Awesome game. You get to collect cars through out the game and you get to race against other people the only downside is that you have energy and once you run out you can ‘t race anymore until you get more but you usually level up before you do and you get extra

Could be better

I don’t like how u have to pick a prize everytime u finish a World Cup race. I would like there to be a option that if u want a prize pick one and if u don’t I get sent back to he home screen of the game


Awesome game keep it up

Great game

I’ve been playing this game for about 2 weeks and I’ve loved playing it. I would recommend this game to everyone I know.

This Game



Game!! Love the gameplay and simplicity of it !


Just need to get this out of my mail in game lol

Good game



Good game. Horrible ads. Don't get unless you want to spend half the time looking at ads.

Sup is awsome

I love this game so much and i love the sound effects and everything about it

Great game

So.... many.... ads. I understand there has to be a few ads thrown in there but there is so many and it takes away so much of the game.

Great game

This game is very entertaining. I love it.


In the third tournament in main lobby has bots, not actual people. I know because right as I make a turn to the next lane the person behind me does the same thing right as I pressed the button. And I kept doing this. And it kept switching the EXACT same time as I did.


I love this game! Just got it yesterday and I am already addicted!


I downloaded this game to play it But it turns out the game is only the lure, the real content comes in what you get the most of, ADS! I MEAN I JUST LOVE ADS! Every 30 SECONDS an AD in your FACE, what’s better but than to make an in-app purchase to remove all the ADS! It feels like I’m playing this off some shady website because of the million ADS! STOP TRYING TO SHOVE IN APP PURCHASES DOWN OUR THROATS WITH ADS! You have an addicting game here, but the ads just completely ruin it. I’d give this game 5 stars easily but the ADS are just UNBEARABLE!

Easier to get skins

It would also be cool if the character changed outfits with the change of skins...

This game is so fun

When I first got the game I was all like mite as well but now I’m like this game pouts the pedal on the medal get it.

Small problem

The only thing to dislike is being forced to watch an ad in order to continue after racing

Great game

Great game, very addicting.


Great game. Super fun. Would recommend




Lots of fun. Races are quick and rewards are great.


This is the best racing game I’ve played. I enjoy the leveling up, upgrading n all that. Only problem I do have is Idk how to find my rank in world races n competitions. It keeps saying “Rank: ????”. Not a big deal tho. I love it. Keep em coming

I'm enjoying it

Fun game, online races work great, I'm having fun. There's a lot of ads but I feel like you're rewarded well enough for them

Fun have had others add

Fun game. Does get redundant at points where you pretty much have to spend money!


I already gave my opinion

It’s so good

Love,love,love,love I love this game it’s great

Awesome racing game

This game is really fun to play with friends, family, or by yourself with little to no lag. I highly recommend for anybody with any spare time are or need a 60 second online match.


Wicked fun


Best game I ever played


Had apps since apps became a word. This is a very good game. And multiplayer is seamless.

Bright and colorful

Game is aight


The game itself is amazing, but the fact that after every race you have no choice but to watch an ad to get a reward is really bad. I find it understandable to want to get money from your game, but the ads put a huge damper on the game. I feel like they should improve this some way such as using it to get better rewards not to just get a forced reward.

I recommend

Great game, if I could change one thing it would be the trophy multiplier only being on cars you already had.


This is the BEST car 🚗 game I have ever gotten to play on so far!!!!!


I’d give a 5 if it wasn’t for ads. Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) you do requires you to watch a 30-60 second ad! That sh** gets old. I understand you need to pay bills but when you spend more time watching ads than playing you feel bullied. Now, you can pay 3$ to remove them but I won’t be bullied into paying for an ap that way. I’ll find another!

Straight but too many adds...


This games sick

Just what it says right there ^

Good Game

Good game, great game just outstanding. Graphics are good and gameplay is amazing. Just amazing.



Gay game

Gay game

Over all...amazing game

Game is amazing. I love it. It’s the best mobile game I’ve had!!! The only thing I don’t like is the adds...there are SOOOO many adds in the game!!!

Would’ve been 5 but a few problems

I got to say that this is a pretty decent game over looking a few problems. One major problem with this app is the lack of maintenance and monitoring hackers. If you don’t have people monitoring for hackers at least put a report option in the game. One example of hacking is shown on today’s Daily Challenge by [TE] shawnbegone . The challenge was posted only hours ago but sir Shawn has managed to make over 2 million points. While other players are only around 20 thousand, pretty strange when his average races a day is 2 🤔. The second problem has to do with how many ads you make players watch, I understand it’s a free game but you don’t need an ad after every race. Now to the final problem which has to deal with the amount of points given to players for finishing a race. I’ve won some races and only got a few points while other times I’ve lost races and got hundreds of points. It’s not the worst problem but an unbalanced and pretty annoying one. Well that’s my rant and I hope you enjoy.


Needs less ads tho🙃


Need better achievements and more maps and different roads ovr great game


Until I get second and rage

Too many ads

This game is only kind of fun to begin with. Then you throw in the unnecessary ads after every SINGLE game, EVERY time you open a chest and it just becomes more annoying than fun. I should be able to enjoy this game without having to spend 30 seconds of my life watching an ad about something I don’t care about every time I touch the screen.

Fun game!

Only issue I have is that is used a lot of battery. Not sure how much of this is due to Apple though.

Great game

I was hooked in the first five minutes of playing

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