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Necesito que lo arreglen!

Es un juego tremendo, tiene una vision fenomenal. Es creativo, no es más de lo mismo, pero entre tanta publicidad y que en ocasiones se "crashea" , aveces me da gana de borrarlo. PLEASEE ARREGLEN ESO , mo el juego! 😞😭😪

WAY too many ADS

I like the game, however, the ad's are SO ANNOYING! If this didn't have ads if would be great


All around good game, but to many adds.

5 stars

Amazing game fun and exciting


You have to watch an add for every little thing you want to do on this game and after every race you HAVE to watch and add to get on to the next race STUPID !


These adds are sooo annoying but over all the game it pretty fun



SUP player

This game is great just wish I had better things in the game and had a cooler car!! :)👍

Fun game, Ads kill it

Great game but ads pop up after EVERY race. They ruined this game, time to delete. Too bad.

The amsom game

This game is beast mode

My Review

Best game of 2017, no bugs no glitch but it is hard to get a car that you want

LOVE IT! But here is my problem

Ever since I played this game, It.. Was.... AMAZING! And I do not care about the ads. I just get them when I choose a prize, and sometimes when I see my prizes from chests (The chests that you get in 30M in 24H). But I realized that I can do Daily challenges and no fuel is wasted. Then it got very fun. But you got rid of that and now when I click on the events (which the Daily challenge was), it said “This might be way too hard for you. Get a new car, and it will be easier” and when I press continue. It brings me back to the place where you can upgrade your car. Please fix this! I Don’t care is it is hard. I want to at least try the Championship tournament, Team battle, and Monaco Grand Prix event. Btw love your game though


You should make a new one. The game is really fun. Great job on marking the game

Play this game

This game is the best




It is so fun I love it I am speechless I love it!!!!!!!!

The best racing game

This is the most fun racing game ever. I think that you should be able to buy cars with coins though. Over all this is the best racing game on the app store

No female characters

No female characters ?

SUP review

It is such a bad game


This game is actually good unlike all the other games that pop up on ads


Once you get used to it I really fun and you won't want to delete it. I DEFINITELY don't want to delete it

Great until...

This game is truly amazing and magical, but then you come across the absurd amount of ads, and I deleted the app in 4 minutes. To the game creators, if this is fixed, 2 times as many copies sold, and the game would be a worldwide sensation. I would highly recommend fixing this so your game doesn't die or drop in popularity


Awesome, but the adds are annoying

What’s the point of winning races during a tournament?!

It’s a fun game and very competitive but I don’t see the point of trying to win races when your prize is random anyways especially during the tournaments!!! You would think that winning a race would give you an extra spin or winning more coins on top of your spin!!! It just seems to me that you don’t even have to try if it’s all random in the end for your prizes!!!


It's fun

Andrew maraj

This is a great game lol

It’s pretty good

The game is really good and has a fun mechanic I haven’t seen anywhere else. The multiplayer player mechanic is one I was worried would cause the game to lag but as long as you have a good connection lag never seems to be a problem

Takes my boredness

I like it

I like it

I actually enjoy this

Good game but needs changes

The gameplay is good but how many adds you have to watch to get the stuff you want and you can't even say no to rewards but in all it is a good game


This game is so fun im so addicted


This is the best racing game I have ever found/played. But I wish the ads didn’t crash me up so much and their could be improvements. Overall I like be the it!!! 👌🏻👍🏻😎

Hay un error

Intente jugar tenia 175 de gasolina y me saco del juego y cuando entre otra vez solo tenia 6 de gasolina

Ad storm

The ads just take away the fun of the game u have to get rid of the ads plz


I used to like this game but ever since you started making us watch ads after every race there is no point in grinding and most of the rewards in the box’s are only like four gas or like 488 coins so please remove the ads after the races I don’t care if you earn money or not nobody is going to keep playing your game if it’s just a game about watching Ads

Fun glitch

This game was made very well although i dont like you have energy i hate games like that but u can look over that because when u glitch in a match it really is funny so yeah


It’s so cool fun exciting but when I make tracks its amazing I thought it was going to be boring but it’s not coolest car game ever😀😀

Ridiculous amount of ads

This game is infested with ads. Whole teams have left this game due to the ads. This game was a daily habit. You will watch more ads than you will be actually playing the game! So sad......

I love it so much

I play it every day so addicting


Very fun and addictive, though there are quite a few ads

Fun game

Ive been playing for a month or so. I put a lot of time into the game. There are a lot of reviews about how the ads are destroying the game and yes there are ads but from what I've seen you have the choice to watch an ad or not to reduce the time on the wait to upgrade you car. Other than ads this game is really cool and fun.

Good game

Good game

Great game

Great game

Great game! Too many ads!!

I love the game been playing it for a couple days now, I just hate the number of ads I have to watch in order to get to the next race.


Little glitchy with the iPhone X, but I’m hoping you’ll fix it

So Many Ads!!

This game is awesome, but even when you try to collect a chest you have to watch an ad. It is still fun but the ads do effect how much fun the game is to play.

Lit fam

It is very awesome get the game

Too many ads

This game constantly bombarded you with ads. You are pretty much guaranteed an ad after every match. PLUS, THE ADS SHOWS UP DURNING THE RACE, which interferes with game play.


Fun easy game to play. I dig it.

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