SUP Multiplayer Racing App Reviews

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Great Game

This game got me hooked very fast and I love it

Amazing Game

SUP is a fun game


It is so cool and I really enjoy it . But there are too many ads. Other than that ,it’s cool!!!




This game cannot actually be online multiplayer. I literally get first every time and have only been playing for like 3 weeks. Seems uhhhhh sketchy? I cannot possibly be the best in the game after 3 weeks. But still a fun game either way.



Great game

One of the best racing games on mobile

Great app

I love this game only 1 problem it has too much ads I know that is how you get money but there is too much ads.

Great concept, terrible execution

I used to enjoy this game, but it just got ruined by the ads. Also, every match isn’t against real opponents, but bots. I know this because I can exit the app and come back to see I’m in the same place and that the match has paused. You can’t do that with real time players. The gameplay is destroyed by the fact that I’m racing against brainless bots. Next, the chests in this game are absolute garbage. After leveling up to level 25, I was excited to get the 3 new cars. I am currently level 28 and have opened approx ~50 chests (35 blues, 5 oranges, 5 racer chests, 5 epics, and 5 legendaries), only to receive stage upgrades for cars I already own. The grinding is getting old and I still haven’t received any new cars yet. Either raise the chances of receiving a new car, or add an option to buy new cars with coins or diamonds. Seriously, the chests are disgustingly bad.


Great game

Good game!

It definitely helps time pass by!

This game is awesome

Dude I love the fact that you can push people off the track and I love smashing into others and riding on top of them it's awesome thx creator for making this game😁😁😁😁

طرابلس ليبيا

رائعه جدا لعبه حلوا الصراحه😍



To Many adds

This game and lol cart are the exact same thing also there are way to many adds that You cant exit and it forces you to watch them so I give it one star

This game is great

It’s fun, easy to play, and has a huge variety of cars


Es un buen juego a veces tienes fallas y se congela pero en si es divertido

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It’s fun

Most addictive game

I’ve been playing for over 2 months it’s been a blast .I’ll give you 5 stars since it’s my favorite game but there is a issue when I finish a race I have to chose 1 of 5 prizes and there’s no exit button but it’s ok because I can just press the skip button on the top left but if the creators of creator of the game are going to read this I would be very happy as it is my favorite game please of you do read this please add a exit button when you finish a race but it’s ok.


As you see in the title this game is awesome! But I have a suggestion, how about you let people play against your friends, not only to compare scores I mean where is the fun in that.So all I am saying make a major update. BTW AWESOME GAME!!!

I love the game but well its great


By Nazir

I love the game it is awesome


This game is very fun


Best game ever!


I love this game so much!!! It’s a major stress reliever. Me and Fiance play this game all the time it’s really addicting!!the cars are awesome and I like that races you can do. They are not to easy but not to hard.


Good game but the main menu song belongs to game loft boi


Don’t make us watch ads😒

Bad app

Messing up my phone I had to delete the app it kept saying it was detecting a virus once I deleted the app it stopped also I couldn’t access my old videos

Pls fix

This game is very fun i have to admit but I’ve running into this problem where after a race in an event u get the ribbons and then you are allowed to double that amount, I’ve been doing that but sometimes after finishing the ad i would run into this problem which i can’t get out of the ad and have to do the thing where u press the home button 2x and delete the app thing and i would get back on and see i end up getting no ribbons at all so pls fix


The game is really cool I found this app on dune it’s a cool game I found its ad and I like this game you should check it out

it’s a good game


A funnn game

This game is very fun to play and exciting to win and get new cars trust me it really fun

Game is great

It’s really fun I’m glad I came across it. The rewards could use some tinkering. I sometimes get more gold coming in 4th then I do winning the race. Great game though I play it all the time.

Play this awesome game

Most awesome game I've ever played 😀😀😀😀

Awesome multiplayer

Great game


Das pretty neat

So fun

I cant stop playing! Love blasting people off the track

Number 1 Racing Game I EVER Played!

Hi! My username is Neo.M, and I am in The Looney Tunes Club. Don't Listen to Those Bad Reviews. I had SUP for at least a Month and I doing good so Far. There are Ads for Prizes But you can Skip the Ad for after 5 seconds. This Game Has Potential Of Successful Game of the Year Award. No Need for Money Wasting. In a Month, I am Already at Lvl 29 With my Favorite Car,Big Daddy, At Lvl 13 and In Diamond 3 League I suggest that Anyone like Racing Games, Should Download SUP. Thank you Oh BiBi for making A App that is Favorite Down to my Heart. 😍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️😍



So cool

I love the game if anyone does not like it they are crazy!Had my cuz not tell me about this game I would not be addicted to it but he did and the game is awesome!

Great game, too many ads

This game is insanely fun but i wish I wasn’t forced to watch an ad every time i finish a race. At the very least give me different ads every time

Great action racing.

Definitely a fun game. Anyone can win at the last second. I'm addicted.


I love your game and it is really fun you guys are AWESOME

Love the game.

Fun and time consuming. Love playing this app. Hate the amount of ads

Great game

Love it


Nice to see that the devs overlooked what players are complaining about...lame!!...FIX the reward system NOW!!!!!

Amazing but allot of ads

This game is the best game I have played so far but the ads are allot even if you don’t want a prize it needs you to pick on it and use an add.

Fun lil game

This is a fun cartoonish racing game. I hate games that make you pay to play, however this one you really don’t have to, but the offers are really good. I take em up on a lot of the $0.99 deals. Plus money and prizes are easy if you watch a couple ads. Like after a race if you don’t get the prize you want, just watch a FF equipped ad and pick again. Plus 2 daily boxes, daily race win box, and every 3 races you get a box.


I enjoy playing, sometimes I play people that have double my level of car though. That part stinks.

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