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A great game like it was talked to my brother about how amazing it was ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️

Great game

This was an amazing game overall, but the tracks are too short and sometimes my speed boost slows me down. Otherwise, it’s a masterpiece.

It was a great game, but there’s always ads when i finish racin

Julius servito



Five star game

The game is great but I don’t know how to play with local friends


This game is very different from others


For mission

Mega fun

This game is mega fun.


Good game but if any game feels as if they need to flood a game with as many ads as this one has, it deserves the lowest rating possible. I also don’t think it’s multiplayer racing, you can exit the game for moments and go back to the race, it’ll be paused. Multiplayer games don’t do that. There are plenty of games on the App Store that advertise multiplayer but actually aren’t. Most of the .io games on the App Store aren’t actually online either.


Good game

This game is amazing

I like the graphics but the ending celebrations are a bit exaggerated

Good game

Good game but I noticed that with green devil when you get first place instead of the short it gust see the cars from a top view and nothing else


Awesome game

Great game!

Great game!

Fix bugs

SUP Multiplayer racing is a great game. You get to race online and it's so cool. The only problem I have with this game is that I can't watch videos to get prizes or skip the time on my upgrades, please fix this for 5 stars.

About the game

It’s a cool game but too many ads

Ads Everywhere!

I’m so sorry I have to write this it’s just that there are too many ads if you remove the ads it’s better

Good game

So far it’s not that bad. Don’t have any complaints about the game

Ripped me off

Paid three dollars to get rid of ads and they are still there. Don't waste your time…


Best racing game ever love the challenges and the cars yeah!!!!


I absolutely love the game, has great background music and really cool car additions every now and then. Many different “secret” cars that can be collected too. The only thing I would change would be some of the missions and that you have to find each car in a crate and can’t unlock them with the coins you earn. Other than that, it’s a really addictive and fun game to play and create your own strategy with.

Fun af



Another pay to win game, but that’s to be expected. There’s some subtle strategy to the game that adds to its depth, but there’s also a bit of luck and wonky controls that can make it frustrating. It’s a decent time killer though, and the shortness of races make it easy to sneak in a few rounds.


I bought a car and didnt get it and wasted my money.creater plear give me the car

Fun, but many issues

I love the game, it’s fun and addicting. However with 2 lanes, it’s a bit overkill having trucks that can just plow through cars like nothing. The matchmaking is still terrible. I understand that I’m ranked in the 9,000s but I’m only a car level 12 and getting with 50s constantly. Also, my car keeps turning on its own and throws me off the map. Basically it’s a fun game, but stop the loot crate system for upgrading cars. It just stunts the fun of leveling up because i never get the upgrade tokens i need and i feel like it just makes these other issues even more unbearable.

It’s awesome

I love it

Amazing. Not bad. Terrific. 97 stars out of 5.

Amazing game. No purchases are needed. It’s not one of those games where you wait 5 hours for a mystery box and get 5 coins and then opening the crate uses all of your energy. No. It is that game that you spend every ounce of your free time on then would never delete it. Great game.

Great but one problem

I love the game. I spent a lot of money on it. But the fairness in choosing the prize out of 5, everyone is complaining. When you come 4th or below, let the medal award be lower and higher for 1st to make it fair. Cause I cud come 1 st and win a medal of 1 how ?!?!



OMG! The ads!

I’ve never played a game with so many ads! You spend more time watching ads than playing the game. At minimum it’s a 30 sec ad after every race! The game layout is a bit confusing but eventually you figure that out. But wow! Way too many ads!


Love it

Love this Game

Absolutely LOVE this game... It’s addicting

It’s ok

It’s ok but the camera angle is terrible and it shows the car like doing tricks and you can’t do that so make new advertisement video

Fun game

This is a very addictive game!


Is a pretty fun game

👍 but found glitch

I love this game so much but there is a glitch where car drifts by itself and goes off track. This may be on purpose though😃! Love this game, was hooked instantly when it installed.


Fun game but needs more upgrades

Yo producers

I do kinda like the game but the ads are too much of a problem and when your playing it 75% of that time goes to watching all the ads within the game

No ads after pick a prize!!!!!!

Other than the fact that after u play a round and pick a prize every single freaking time u have to watch a stupid ad the games ok but fix that or I’ll rate a 1/2 on the first star

I love this game

I love this game and it is so fun to play and I got hooked my first race. I stayed up all night playing this I just love playing

Great game

It’s. A great game


Um how do I play with my friend?


It's lit. That's all I have to say

The best game

It is one of my top played games ahead of fortnight

Good quality

This games is so fun and addicting.


Its a very cool game!

Great game

Enjoy playing! 😬

My SUP review

I can’t stop playing it’s so addicting and fun!!!


I can’t online race whenever I race it says offline


This game is by far the most addictive game I have played in a while. It has so much to offer. It has a lot of cars to unlock and customize and you can play with other people in races or you can make or join a club. You also collect coins and diamonds from chests or races to upgrade cars or to buy other stuff. This game is worth getting, plus it’s free.

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