SUP Multiplayer Racing App recensioner

This game is fun , and addicted!!

I love this game! It’s challenging but fun because of multiplayer, and offline training. Earn money, by racing, win new cars by opening crates, upgrade cars for better racing. GET THIS GAME!! 5 STAR

Addictive, but needs some improvements

I play this game all the time on the pooper. It’s great. Paid the few $’s for no adds, worth it. Great time killer, but some improvements would be great. #1. The cars switch lanes randomly during races. It’s annoying because sometimes it’ll cause you to lose race. It’s really annoying bc some races it doesn’t happen then some it keeps happening. #2 the cars don’t seem to get faster with upgrades, maybe in very small increments. The level bar fir upgrades never changes so you can’t tell your progress. #3. If you get first in a race, why not make all awards visible and choose 1? #4 if you bet money for diamonds you lose your money and only get half diamonds....I mean really?!?! How about if I win I get all the diamonds and keep my money. If I lose, no diamonds and lose money. That is all for now. Gotta go poop.


Lots of fun but to much ads.


Absolutely amazing

Quick Fun Racing

This game has a lot of replay abilities and you are not forced into purchasing anything but the adds are a little annoying but it’s not so often I want to stop. Also for a low dollar amount you can get rid of adds. Overall one of the best quick play racing games ever. You only need 5mins at a time great work!


Nice game

This is a fun game

Good jod


SUP is fun

Ok game

I love LOLKART it’s broken so I tried this one it’s fun to play

too much ads

whenever i finish a race there is an ad, then when i press the x it takes me to safari like if i wanna purchase the game and now i feel mad.

Two avoid lots of ads

Turn off your WiFi and, then turn on Airplane mode


It’s a good game why els would I rate it 5star


Looks cool but I can't even get into the game.😢😡 PLEASE FIX!!‼️

Good but there’s an bad part

The games is fun and a love a play it a lot but every time a get a reward ther is an ad please fix this NOW


That is all I have to say


To many ads😡

Warnings I know a knock off

Lol carts is copying you!!!


I love this game I always get first place but I think there are way to many adds that why I didn’t give you all five stars from Ella


This is a very cool game, I love playing it but it gets a little confusing for ME sometimes. The cars r cool but I wish I could design my own, but I don’t know if I can bc I just got this app so I cant be saying things c:


You might think it’s good but I don’t but its okay


Awesome game


This game is great

Fun game

This is very fun game but needs more offline content


I’m just reviewing this cause they told me to su my d

Like dat?

This junk good

Same problem

The ads absolutely are HORRIBLE. The game though is awesome

Would be fun but GIANT problem ruins it

The game is fun and I love playing but there is a BIG problem. I can’t get new cars. I got the first car and got one from the first chest I opened, but now I can’t get any! I have purchased over 30 gold chests and one or two epic chests from the shop, I have opened a LOT of normal chests, over 10 racer chests, and I open three free chests a day (I have played for 2-3 months so...) I haven’t gotten one car. All I get from green cards is diamonds! This makes the game very much less fun, because other cars have more fun abilities and they also beat me more because they have better start stats. It really makes me hate the game, even though it would be fun.


Wonderful game, but the fuel/ energy system is killing me

This game is so cool you upgrade race and get difrent skins for your car

I love this game

Take your money and stop working

Emailed the team regarding my problem, Paid for ad removal and the game stop working, please get back to me and I will edit the review base on how its solved


Cool game

Good game

Love it

Bluetooth headphones

When I use my AirPods earrape happens

Good Game with too many ads.

This game is really good and fun to play, the graphics are good and the game is exciting my only problem with this game is there are ads after every race this is annoying and does not have to be.

Good game

It’s a good game, but it’d be nice to customize your own character, maybe even your own vehicle

Great game

Amazing best ever

Really hard but fun

It is hard to win races and to much blood so parents I looked at game and it had blood and gore DO NOT LETKIDS PLAY

**a trick for no ads after you race**

Ok so when you finish a race then you get to get a prize they try to finessse you with an ad I found a way to finesse them back 1. Turn on airplane mode 2. Click your prize 3.go to home screen 4.if it says net work required click on it then press x and you’ll be good


I really like this game because it’s fun to play and I wonder if they can added friends in this game to play mulitiplayer


I had this game about a year ago and my cousins and I would all play it during vacation, it was so fun and there was no ads. But I downloaded the game again the other day and there are ads every three seconds! It’s terrible I had to delete the app and the only way to be able to enjoy the app is to spend money to remove ads.

Not fixed

Leaderboard issues are not fixed... group activity is not correct either

Hacked game

So cool affff


Great app

wow I didn’t receive my reward

I saw my sister playing this game non stop so I got it to it was really good and I played the events game and I won the diamond one and the stone fox car something like, that and I didn’t receive my diamond or the car in my mailbox please give me my diamonds and car you can even see my record

Great game

Great game

Nice bro

The game is epic All I have to say. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍

Play it NOW

Just do it

I like but one thing

It’s impossible to get a new car

Good game

Pretty fun



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